How to Apply
Entry Requirements
  • Applicants should be above 18 years old. If you are below 18 years old parental consent is required.
  • Academic : GCE N level or equivalent
  • Language : English

Applicants who do not meet the above requirements may still apply. Please contact us.
We offer full time, part time and weekend classes. Please call or email us for schedules. Call 63399115 Email:
Pre-Course Counselling
We welcome you to visit us for a tour of facilities and pre-course counselling session before registration.
Application Process
Step 1: Please complete the online application form
Step 2: Upon submission, you will receive our email confirmation.
Step 3: Please make payment of un-refundable application fee $107 (inclusive of 7% GST)*
Step 4: Please visit us to complete the student contract and the registration process.
Step 5: A Letter of Acceptance will be issued to student upon completion of the enrolment process.
(*application fees are waived for short courses. However, to secure a place, you can make partial course fee payment ahead.)
Payment Modes
For over the counter payment we accept NETS, Credit Cards, Cheques and Cash.
For Bank Telegraphic Transfers our account information: Name of Account Holder: Cosmoprof Academy Pte Ltd
Bank: DBS Bank Limited (7171)
Bank Branch Address: 68 Orchard Road #B1-25, Singapore 238839
Bank Branch Name: Plaza Singapura
Bank Swift Code: DBSSSGSG
Bank Branch Code: 008
Account No: 008-902-5392
Student Support
Orientation Program
New students go through an orientation at the start of the course.
Employment Opportunities
We work with our industry partners to offer good job opportunities to our students. Our industry partners will conduct in-campus recruitment talks and job interviews at Cosmoprof Academy. In addition to job placement, we have internship opportunities with leading companies for Cosmoprof students.
Pre-course Counselling
Prospective students are welcome to visit our school to tour our facilities and understand more about our school and courses prior to registration.
Student & Teacher Ratio
18 students to 1 teacher: makeup classes
12 students to 1 teacher: beauty classes
The above is a guide for most classes. There may be less or more students to each class.
Manner In Which Courses Are Taught
Lecture, demonstration, practical hands on skills session, feedback
Requirements for graduation for every course*
Attendance requirements 75% and above for all courses. Student must meet attendance requirement and pass theory and practical examinations, complete and pass portfolio requirement to graduate. Please note CIBTAC Examining Board may bar candidates from taking the CIBTAC examination if their attendance are below 90%. CIBTAC students are strongly advice to meet the 90% attendance requirement.
Manner in which examination are conducted for every course*
Examination comprise of theory written examination and a practical skills examination. For practical examination, students will work on models. Student must pass Theory Examination, Practical Examination, and Portfolio in order to graduate.
(Applicable for Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry, Diploma in Photographic, Bridal, Fashion Makeup & Hairstyling, all CIBTAC, CIDESCO courses)
Student Handbook
Please download the student handbook here.
Student Lockers
Lockers are available for rental. Rental is based on a first come first serve basis.
Photography Studio
Near the end of the course, all makeup diploma students are required to compile their own professional “Look Books”. Our in-house photographer will capture students’ complete creations: makeup, hair and outfits in our photography studio.
Gown and Accessories Rental
A selection of gowns and accessories are available for students to rent when they compile their “Look Books”.
Pastoral Care
Students facing difficulties in their work are welcome to seek assistance.
School Policies
Service Guarantee
Our diploma courses are registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE). We will ensure that all prospective diploma course students go through pre-course counselling before enrolment. We are committed to ensuring that our marketing materials are accurate and consistently updated to reflect accurate information.
Contractual Commitment
During the enrolment process, students are required to sign the standard student contract and advisory note issued by CPE.
Confidentiality Policy
All personal data shall be kept strictly confidential. We undertake not to divulge any of your personal data to any unauthorized third parties.
Payment and Refund
All course fees, exam fees, refund policy are stated in the standard student contract. Receipts will be issued for all payment.
Fee Protection Scheme
Cosmoprof Academy Pte Ltd subscribed to the Industry Wide Course Fee Protection Scheme as stipulated by CPE.
Refund Policy
Request for withdrawal must be submitted in writing to the school. Our refund policy for withdrawal without cause:

% of (the amount of fees paid under Schedules B and C)
If student’s written notice of withdrawal is received.
More than 21 days before the Course Commencement Date.
Before, but not more than 10 days before the Course Commencement Date.
After, but not more than 3 days after the Course Commencement Date
More than 3 days after the Course Commencement Date
Refund Procedure
The school will acknowledge receipt of the written refund request within 3 working days. Upon receipt of refund request, school will compute the refund amount. If the student is eligible for refund, the school will process the refund cheque and issue it to the student within 14 days from the receipt of written refund request.
Termination of Course by the School
If the school terminates the course for any reason prior to completing the course, the school will refund the full course fees and examination fees to the student.
Transfer and Withdrawal Policy
Request for transfer to another course must be submitted in writing together with supporting documents. Transfer of course is subject to availability and the student may be required to pay the difference in course fee. All requests for transfers will be approved / reviewed on a case by case basis.

A student, who withdraws from our school to enroll with another school, shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the course.
Transfer and Withdrawal Procedures
A student who wishes to transfer to another course or to withdraw from the course must submit his / her request in writing via email or letter to the school. ( Email: or personally by hand to the school reception or by post to the school ).
A Student, who wishes to defer his / her course, must submit their request in writing.

The student must provide supporting documents and provide reasons for deferment.

The maximum period of deferment is 12 months from course registration date. Approval for deferment is on a case by case basis. General acceptable reasons for deferment are:
Refund Policy
Request for withdrawal must be submitted in writing to the school. Our refund policy for withdrawal without cause:

  • Medical reasons ( must provide medical report )
  • Compassionate reasons ( must provide relevant documents )
Extension of Course
Students who do not meet the minimum attendance requirements due to absenteeism or medical leave will be required to fulfill attendance requirements and pass the examination before they can graduate.

Students who have to extend their course and require additional lessons to fulfill the attendance requirement will have to pay an additional fee of 20% of the original course fee.

Students must fulfill the minimum attendance requirement before they are allowed to participate in examination.
The student may be suspended from class in the following circumstances:

  • Disciplinary issues such as frequently using vulgarities / quarrelling / smoking in class
  • Frequent absenteeism without valid reasons
Students should attend all lessons. Regular and punctual attendance is necessary to fully benefit from the course. Students who are present should sign in their class attendance in our attendance records.

Students are not allowed to sign on behalf of other students. Students, who are absent due to medical reasons, must provide medical certificates.

The minimum class attendance for makeup artistry course students is 75% for students.

The minimum class attendance to undertake CIBTAC examination for beauty therapy course students as required by CIBTAC is 90%.

Students, who do not meet the attendance requirement due to absence or medical leave, will have to attend replacement lessons and meet the minimum attendance requirement, before they can participate in the examination.

Replacement lessons are chargeable at 20% of the original course fee.

Replacement lessons are subjected to bookings and availability, and may be conducted out of your regular school lesson hours.

Students who require replacement lessons must book for replacement lessons by sending an email to * (Subject to availability and scheduling)

Students who require replacement lessons to meet the minimum course Attendance Requirement may have to extend their course, and will not be able to complete the course in tandem with their course mates.

Whilst replacement lessons are in progress, students who require replacement lessons should attend their regular lessons in order not to fall further behind.
Students who are absent due to medical reasons must provide medical certificates.

Students who are absent during assessments may not be given a retest.

Students who are absent during examination, must register and pay for the examination fee again.

Students are to be responsible for the timely submission of their assignments.
Students should be punctual in reporting in for their lessons.

Students who are late may cause disruption to the progress of the lessons.

Students, who are late, by more than 30 minutes from the start of the lesson time, will be marked as “Absent”.
Expulsion / Termination
A student may have his / her course terminated for the following:

  • Frequent absenteeism – more than 50% of classes
  • Disciplinary issues such as using vulgarities / fighting / smoking / stealing / disruptive behavior in class. No improvements after three warning letters.
Students taking the CIDESCO / CIBTAC courses will be required to participate in the school assessment one month prior to taking the external examination.

CIBTAC examinations take place in January, April, July and November. The CIDESCO examination takes place in March / April yearly.

Students taking the Cosmoprof makeup artistry courses will be required to participate in the course assessment conducted one month before the end of the course.
Photography Portfolio for Makeup Artistry Students
Students who are required to complete a makeup artistry portfolio must attend their photography portfolio sessions booked for their class.

Students who are unable to attend on the photography dates booked for their class will have to pay for photography portfolio fees for a replacement session if they wish to do their portfolio on another date.

The fees chargeable for replacement Photography Portfolio sessions are:

  • $300 + GST for Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry Course
  • $250 + GST for Diploma in Photographic, Bridal, Fashion Makeup & Hairstyling Course

Students who wish to book for another photography session not on the date which is assigned to their class must email to the school at ( Subject to availability and scheduling )

There will be no charges for students who attend the photography sessions booked for their class.
Appeal Procedure
Students who wish to lodge an appeal to CIBTAC / CIDESCO must submit their appeal in writing through the school.

Complaints / appeals to CIBTAC must be submitted in writing within ten working days of an incident. Please note that complaints and appeals received beyond ten days of the incident will not be considered by CIBTAC.

Complaints / appeals to Cosmoprof Academy for Cosmoprof‘s makeup artistry courses must be submitted in writing within 14 working days of the incident. Complaints and appeals received beyond fourteen days will not be considered.

Students may submit their appeals in writing via email to the school’s email, or handing their appeal letter to the school reception counter, or by post to the school address.
Feedback and Grievance Policy
Students may submit their feedback via email to the school to email: The school will acknowledge thee feedback within 3 days. The school will investigate on the feedback and target to resolve the issue within 21 days.
Student Satisfaction
Student satisfaction survey is conducted at the end of the course.

Students are able to provide their feedback anytime by sending an email to the school or completing the Student Feedback / Complaint Form available at the school reception.
Students who wish to lodge an appeal to review their examination results must submit their request in writing to the school within 7 days upon release of results.